Hello WP!

November 20, 2006

I’ve been blogging at Blogger for a couple years now and have brought my wildly obscure blog over to WordPress today. (Upside: not as many people will have to update their bookmarks!) I’m excited to have categories and an “About” page. I’m even thinking of going back and categorizing and tagging my old posts. (Wo.)

I post about whatever interests me including reviews of movies, intriguing links, and sometimes art, music, and poetry. After two years, I’m still finding my way in this blogging world.

So, I’m all moved in now, the curtains are up, the boxes are unpacked and I like the look of the new neighborhood. I hope to see you around!

Brandi Carlile

November 3, 2006

I discovered Brandi Carlile through Pandora and fortunately shared my discovery with A.M. who then bought tickets for us to see her in a live show. She and her band were awesome. The performance was powerful and was so moving I got chills, and tears were drawn from my eyes. The post below is from their website. I’m impressed that her soulfullness comes out in her prose as well as her music.

You can check out her music on Pandora. I’ve bought 4 of the same CDs so far. Three for other people, one for me. If you get a chance to see her in person, she is even better, and stuns with a couple covers, one by Leanord Cohen and one by Johnny Cash.

In The Studio
Posted by on 09.13.06

As I sit in a dark control room and listen to the music we’ve been recording, I look at T Bone Burnett sitting at an old Neve console holding an 80 year old guitar and wearing sunglasses and it strikes me that if the twins and I weren’t wearing Chuck Taylors we could be anywhere in the world and at any point in time over the last 100 years…

We’ve been in the studio for over a week and things are going amazing — the twins and I have been on the road for so long that we have become a live band so it’s been intimidating and exciting to be put under a microscope… it’s a scary thing to know how you really sound.

It’s such a thrill to get these songs off my chest after a couple of years of playing them on the road…we recorded “The Story” and my voice cracked before the big loud scream and we kept it because it sounded raw and real. Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept imperfection but I’m learning everyday. T Bone has taken us to church.


Making me miss home

November 1, 2006

This guy is hilarious. The turnstyle bit is my favorite. If you can’t understand him at first, give it a minute.

Laughing Jesus

October 20, 2006

I was looking up “laughing” on google images so I could send my co-worker an image of someone laughing as hard as his email made me laugh. Naturally, I got completely distracted and found:

I think it highly reccomends a religion when the icon is often pictured laughing. It made me think of the contrast with the Christian religion which often glorifies suffering. I pictured the sad and serious face of Jesus that I’ve always seen.

“You never see Jesus laughing,” I thought. Then, at the top of the next page, who should I find but Laughing Jesus!

It almost seems sacreligious….
Or maybe it’s a sign… 🙂

Found at Christian Centered Mall.

ME: Did you like having our silly time today? Did you like our walk?

HIM: I saw … walky … and … (Starts giggling.)

ME: You saw a walky?

HIM: I will crush you.

Ohh… very good. Go read the rest of it!

Found via Dooce.

I think movies reviews should be based on mood rather than plot. I don’t want to know what is going to happen- that’s why I go see the movie! What I want to know is: “Is this the movie I am in the mood to see right now?”

If you are feeling like a loser, I reccomend: Sideways. People taste wine in this movie, which sounds about as exciting as playing golf to me. That, and lukewarm reviews from friends is why I never watched it. But, I was feeling sick, asked for a comedy, and took what the library guy gave me. It was good. I cried at one point when the main character described wine. You’ll see. I only laughed once, but it was a good laugh. Mostly, I cried.

For other Movies To Watch When You Feel Like A Loser, you only need to watch the movie ads at the begining of Sideways! They include:
Garden State: For when you are feeling like a young loser.
Napolean Dynamite: For when you want to feel jovial about being a loser and look back on your younger days of being a loser and decide that being a loser might actually have been cool.
(The ultimate feel good loser movie, of course, is Little Miss Sunshine.)

However, if you are not feeling jovial about being a loser and are feeling like an old, rather than young loser, I still reccomend Sideways. It’s middle aged loser with a hint of redwood, maybe some asparagus, with a slight taste of sunshine, a note of desperation, …

Good Boss, Bad Boss: The List

September 21, 2006

Good Boss

  • Is focused on being effective.
  • Knows what I do, what I like to do, what my goals are.
  • Lets me own my job.
  • Praises me when I take initiative.
  • Encourages me to take on projects that advance our goals at work and that also advance my career goals and are in my areas of interest.
  • Knows what’s going on overall at work and has a vision.
  • Is very smart. I learn a lot from him.
  • Is willing and eager to learn from me.
  • Keeps our group informed about what is going in our wider organization and gives us the big picture about how we fit in.
  • Treats us like we are strategic partners and listens to our ideas, and lets us run with the ones that we have made a good case for.
  • Believes that people are capable, and interested in achieving their own goals.
  • Knows how to help people achieve their goals while achieving organizational goals.
  • The way he treats us is motivating.
  • If I had my own company, I would hire him.

Bad Boss

  • Is focused on feeling important.
  • Doesn’t know what I do, or care what I want.
  • Tries to own the people beneath him and their job.
  • Micro-manges to the point of absurdity.
  • Gets angry if people do something without asking him first.
  • Yet is not helpful and does not know what is going on.
  • Is not willing to learn from employees, sometimes not allowing them to talk.
  • If I had my own company, I would fire him.
  • Believes that people are bad and that if you don’t keep a tight reign on them, they will try to get away with stuff.
  • When he talks to me, I want to quit.
  • If owned the company, I would fire him.

This post references this post about bosses.
(Note: I went with all male pronouns for convenience.)

Let’s hear if for good bosses! My boss knows what I do and what I like to do. He lets me own my job and praises me when I take initiative. He encourages me to take on projects that advance our goals at work and that also advance my career and are in my areas of interest. He knows what’s going on overall, is very smart, and never micro-manages my work. At our meetings, he keeps our group informed about the what is going in our wider organization and gives us the big picture about how we fit in. He talks to us like we are strategic partners and listens to our ideas and lets us run with the ones that we have made a good case for. He is a motivating. I feel like I can actually contribute and grow in this job.

There is another person who works here who is not my boss but is about at my boss’s level. She was the boss of the person, who quit abruptly, who used to be in my position. I learned this slowly over time and it made sense of the previously puzzling decision to place me in the department I am in. She micro-manages the people under her to the hilt. In fact, they are required to cc her on every work email they send out. Interestingly though, she seems to have no idea about what is actually going on or about what her people do.

I’m mostly in a different area than her, thank goodness, but I’ve been given a talking to twice by her. Today I was prepared, but last time she literally didn’t let me speak and I had to close the door after she left and cry (just a little) in frustration. It made me want to quit. Today I was given a talking to for handling a confusing situation well. She told me that in the future, I should ask her or someone else in authority what to do. This highlighted the contrast between her and my boss so well. If I took the whole story to him right now, he would be impressed at my initiative and problem solving skills and tell me to keep up the good work. She is just mad that she wasn’t kept in the loop, I suppose.

I could make this whole post a bullet point list about good and bad bosses. In this case I think it comes down to:

Good boss

  • Wants to give his team power.

Bad boss

  • Wants to take power away.

pss: If anyone from my work ever sees this, I’m talking about a different job.
pss: I think I will make a list.

I haven’t been able to write for awhile because my computer at home won’t pick up the neighbor’s wireless that we are “sharing.” And I can’t write from work because I don’t want anyone from work ever reading this. or this. or even this. But I borrowed a lap top from work, so here is my shout out and my one minute, or so, review.

So, I work with a cool girl who is a temp and thus gets all the crappy jobs. We started calling her the red-headed step child, but of course, we are all red-headed step children in one way or another, so now we are all the red-headed step children. Red Headed Step Children Unite! Is our lunch club motto, and “Where’s my stapler.” is one of our many inside jokes.

Today I didn’t have lunch, and get my once a day belly laugh, with my girls; my stupid friend who I can never count on so I don’t know why I thought he would come through today didn’t come through which reminded me that I am really all alone in this cold, cold world; and everyone flaked out on 80’s night tonight. My new roommate and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine instead, and all I can say about it, because I don’t like to tell people anything about movies because I am almost fanaticle about not hearing anything about movies before I go, is:
If you are or were ever actually or metaphorically a red headed step child, I think you will like this movie.

Oh my gosh I want to tell you all about it! Hurry and go see it so we can talk about it!!!

Ps: I actually was a red-headed step child.