Out o’ here

November 3, 2004

So are some other people! Check out the blog Pop and Politics for a funny take on moving out of the country.

Oh, and here’s a guy that already moved. Read about his journey to becoming a Canadian resident here.

ps: I don’t really want to move, I love my country. But come freakin’ on, people!


One Response to “Out o’ here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A..I mean Braidwood. You have real god ideas lady (sory my speil check breaked). I want to move to, i mean also. fgure me and my uhaul into your plans. I want to float tit across the Atnaltic. I’ll bring lots of pilolws and ballooans in case it stoarts sinking. I bet we’d make Ireland (land of ire?) and we’d fit in find. We can speak the langaage and we both look like fine, cultoored white Europeeons. Tans not required. haha. I don’t know about usa, missus. I dont belon gno more you know, lady? If I done leave they probably throw me out an I wont have my uhual to float on. I’ll be in the h20 with nowhere to go and noone to help(up crap crick without a paddle). I don’t wana go there, lady. Can I call you lady? You seem like a lady. I like your picture cept you are standing on the North Pole and you might need a jacket. Knoin you a jacket would be kinda a good idear. Just dont’ leave me here, please. Just hollar and me and my uhual will be at yoru door…er doot.


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