Some thoughts about gratitude

December 29, 2004

Ok, I’ve been doing research on my enjoy the moment vrs accomplish goals dilemma. I was reading Attitudes of Gratitude by MJ Ryan and was skimming the chapters titles and got to “Appreciate your kids just as they are.” Yeah, I know that concept. I love those parents who just enjoy their kids. Those kids are so free to be themselves and just glow with that security of being loved for themselves. Of being, “this very child.”

Some things are hard to explain until you get the feel of them, and that is one pattern that I have the feel of. So, I was thinking, oh yeah, appreciate your kids just as they are- that is right on, that is true. You can enjoy your kids just as they are with no worries, they will change and grow all on their own. Then I thought, you know I could apply this idea of just appreciating and enjoying to everything I can’t control- PEOPLE! So, that makes it simple. Then I thought of applying the idea to myself, it felt heretical. I looked up “appreciating myself” on the internet and had the interesting sensation of being naughty. I actually glanced over my shoulder as I sat at the computer.

I’ve decided to take a bold, adventurous risk and appreciate myself just as I am now. I’ve also been noticing and recounting to myself what I am grateful for during my day.

Benefits so far: I’ve been appreciating people for who they are and, ironically, seeing more realistically who they are in the present moment. I’ve found that to have gratitude, I have to notice, and that is very grounding.

Some appreciating myself and gratitude sites: Self appreciation as character training, self-esteem game , gratitude as mindfulness.


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