Site Statistics and “What about increasing traffic?”

January 1, 2005

This site has been up for two months and 10 days. The average unique visitors per day for the months were:
October – 7,
November – 15,
December – 8.

My goal: I’d like to have 50 unique visitors per day. The only problem with improving traffic is that it could become a full time job and it shifts the enjoyment factor from being about writing, drawing, singing to being about hits. Hmmm.. very puzzling. Nevertheless, I’ve been looking for ways to improve traffic and have once again come across Blogexplosion, a service where you search other people’s blogs in exchange for them searching your blog, and once again have decided not to join. Dave Pollard at How to Save the World has some tips I might use. Although, like other tips I’ve read about, some of his tips have me asking myself, “What is the point of this again?”

But still I search, and here is something from Greedy Girl about adding your RSS feed to Yahoo. I wish I understood what an RSS feed is.


2 Responses to “Site Statistics and “What about increasing traffic?””

  1. Laura Moncur Says:

    Don’t worry about traffic. If you build it, they will come. Just write about what you like and write often. The traffic and the search engines will take care of themselves.

  2. Braidwood Says:

    Laura, thanks for your calm words of reason and hope! I needed to hear that. When I worry about traffic I start to wonder what the point of this blog is anyway. I am enjoying writing in it, so I’ll just keep posting.–>

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