I’ve had a weird couple days…

January 21, 2005

I’m supposed to be at a party, but I’m home with a chest cold. I’ve had a weird couple days, I could tell you about that.

Tuesday I sang at my first open mike, I was bumped after the comedians. A punk rock singer named Wolf asked me to dance with him during his set- I did. My foot got wrapped in the over 6-feet tall microphone that was behind us and as he was singing his grand finale, it fell past me and almost hit his head. He looked up just in time to see it and caught it as the song ended. The crowd went wild.

On Wednesday “my friend,” let’s call her “Allison,” was actually involved in a car chase. I say this to you presuming you have no law enforcement connections, or won’t be able to find out who Allison is from my blog, or you know and love me and won’t turn Allison in. So, there she was coming out of the doctor’s office, (the doctor said what a fun, yet responsible person she seems like) and she sees a parking ticket on her car. She shrugs and throws it on the passenger seat. Before she could get all the way in her car, a cop walks up to her and says that he has called a tow truck and is going to impound her car because the registration has lapsed. She tells him that she will go get it registered that day, plead, plead, beg, beg. The tow truck is driving up behind her. He says if he lets her go out of the goodness of his heart, the city will be liable. For a second, she thinks he is trying to “tell” her, secret code like, that it would be ok with him if she drives away, but that he can’t give his tacit permission. She asks, “Will you arrest me if I drive away?” He is getting worked up and says that she shouldn’t do that because she could go to jail for 7 days. Ok, no secret message. In one moment she was gauging his uniform (she should have checked for guns,) freaking out about the 7 days in jail comment, and remembering that her aunt was handcuffed, arrested and strip searched for having delinquent parking tickets. Instinct took over. She said, “I’m leaving.” She got in her car, closed and locked the door. He ran towards the back of her car waiving the tow truck driver over. His vehicle was diagonally parked in front of her car, she barely missed hitting it as she hit the gas.

To be continued…

Ps: What made her drive away from a cop? I don’t know. Maybe she has a deep seated disrespect for authority, maybe she wanted to show her solidarity with all people who are treated unfairly by the justice system, or maybe, (this is a friend’s theory) it is just the result of too many years of watching chase scenes on TV and rooting for the criminals.


2 Responses to “I’ve had a weird couple days…”

  1. Yak Says:

    Maybe you should consider a career in comedy.

  2. Braidwood Says:

    I’m glad YOU find Allison’t predicament so amusing. 😀

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