Jazz at night

March 1, 2005

I liked my Jazz girl, but she needed a night sky. Thanks to Madlantern Arts for the stars (I changed them around a bit.) I’ve made Jazz girl over and over with all different color combos today. It was fun.


4 Responses to “Jazz at night”

  1. Laura Moncur Says:

    I tried to leave a comment about your Jazz Girl yesterday, but Blogger was being weird…

    Anyway, I think she’s the best work you’ve done yet. Good Job! Drawing on the computer is hard. I just have to do it by hand and scan it in…

  2. Braidwood Says:

    Thanks Laura! It IS hard! I feel like I’m drawing like a kid again with unwieldy, awkward hands. I can’t wait til I get a scanner, and a tablet!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    She looks like she’s really enjoying herself up amongst the stars like that! Nice picture!~rozzieland.blogs.com
    Ps. Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Anonymous Says:


    Yes! Very cool. She looks totally real! Is she single?

    D of the Irish D’s

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