Illustration Friday: Ancient

March 7, 2005

It’s Illustration Friday again already?! This is probably really good for me, not a time waster like I was worried it was. It gets me to create things I wouldn’t otherwise think of. Computer art is hard with a mouse, on the other hand, I enjoy the effects I can create with the computer and I don’t have to worry about destroying my picture with my experiments. Once again, an image came instantly into my mind when I heard the word of the week, and I went with it.

The concept was originally me looking into a mirror and seeing a face that is looking older and older looking back at me. It was sort of a sad and unsatisfying picture, so I changed the face to look more kindly, and now I think it is mysterious. Who is that face, anyway? Maybe a wise, ancient one.

[Update: I don’t like this picture. Maybe it is a flawed idea or maybe “ancient” just doesn’t translate well in computer art. mmm…ggggrrrr… What do you think?]

12 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Ancient”

  1. steve Says:

    The person reflected in the mirror looks thoughful. Memories of youth ? Loves ? Glory days ? You made me think, Great job !

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    You keep getting better and better. I think this is your best work yet!

  3. Braidwood Says:

    Thanks, Laura! Your comment made me look at it again. I think what I find uncomfortable about it is the mirror effect. My eye keeps going back and forth between the gazes and doesn’t have a place to rest.

    I really needed some encouragemnet today. I finished my comprehensive exams for school after a long weekend and I don’t feel super great about them. SO, I drew a picture! 🙂 THanks for your encouragement!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I like it, Braidwood! The older face looks wise and tolerant, like she’s fond of her younger self.


  5. I really like this too. Your creativitiy and work personifies who you are and who you are becoming. Fresh stuff. Neat to observe the process. Peace and Love. LP

  6. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Joe Says:

    I like your idea! Looks good!

  8. Braidwood Says:

    Thanks, guys! Andrea, your comment was spot on. I hope my older and wiser self is more tolerant and fond of me than I sometimes am of myself. I’ve decided to grow into her a bit and change my mind and like my picture. 🙂

  9. missdaze Says:

    You’re doing a nice job. Using Photoshop?

    btw: Thanks for the nice comment you left me 😉

  10. missdaze Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Braidwood Says:

    (Wow these double posts are making me look like I have a lot of comments. I’m going to erase the double posts.)

    Missdaze, thanks! Actually I’m using the program that comes standard with Microsoft called “paint” it is a SUPER simple program. I added some effects in program called Skype that is advertised with the Hello software that I use to post pictures to Blogger.

    It’s a very simple set-up and the reason I post my pictures early! I’d like to get a scanner and Illustrator so I could post things I do by hand and then play with them on the computer. I love looking at all the cool things people are doing. Plug to my page visitors: Check out what the other people at Illustration Friday are doing. Pretty cool stuff!

  12. Amy Says:

    This is an excellent concept and it’s nicely done.

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