Blog of the Day: Dakota Feinstein

April 12, 2005

Oh, oh, I have a new blog of the day, found through the ever charming Natalie/Augustine. May I introduce to you Dakota Feinstein! She is stealthily funny, no darkly funny, no deeply funny…mmm shoot. Ok, here is an excerpt from her about page:

When I started this endeavor, I was completely anonymous, because I project shame and humiliation into every new experience, due to early trauma. Anonymity just seemed safer. After a few months, I did tell a few dear and close personal friends what I was up to. I remain anonymous because I write things here that many people would be better off not knowing, as in, you don’t want to think about your parents having sex.

See what I mean. Oh, she’s funny. I think she’s the glamourous blond. Check out my new Blog of the Day (still deciding if I should change the name to Blog of the Week) Dakota Feinstein.


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