Say yes! to life! :)

April 22, 2005

Hey my blogging friends,

I’ve had a busy week with not much time to blog. I missed two great illustration Friday themes, “reinvention” and “alone.” I sketched a quick alone idea as soon as I got the theme, so I might still put it up here, and French Toast Girl did such a great rendition of “reinvention” that that word has had it’s due.

In sermon news: You may have noticed a string of bad reviews for sermons on this site and I just wanted to tell you that last week’s sermon was awesome. It was done by the worship committee at my church and it was the most spiritually uplifting sermon I have been at in a loooonnnngggg time. It was very ritualistic and poetic. There were drums and readings and times of stillness. It was heavy on Rumi, light on theology. When it comes to spirituality, I’m definately experiential. The main message I got out of the service was, “Say yes to life!” and the message must have filtered into my body like light filled water and woken something up. I think I have been standing on the edge of life looking in for a few years now. And this week I jumped into the stream and I vicerally felt the meaning of “go with the flow.” I remember something of this feeling from an earlier time in my life when I was energetically involved in lots of activities.

This week I’ve noticed that a lot of good things just come to me and that what happens when I get stuck and start to feel frustrated is that I’m stopping something and digging in my heels, probably out of fear. So, I’ve been taking some deep breaths, relaxing and getting into the river. There’s just a little shock at the beginning but it just wakes you up, it’s not that bad once you get in. 🙂

And… da, da, da, da… I’ve decided to become a NIA teacher! I think practicing NIA and loosening up my body has also played a big role in me feeling more brave. So, there you have it, do a little dance, read a little Rumi, get down tonight!

ps: Just visited Ministrare and left a comment. While I disagree with Sean’s views in this particular post, I loved his sermons when I went to that church.


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