You can trust yourself

August 8, 2005

I am being inspired by other people’s blogs, so here’s another post in the comments-I-left-on-someone-else’s-blog category! I left this comment over at Laura’s Starling Fitness site.

Laura, I hope you find the cause and cure for your stomach hurting. If there is pain in your body, that is a sign that something is wrong!! So please don’t just live with it.

My stomach story: I hardly ever got headaches, but all growing up, my stomach hurt! Especially right before I went to school. So, the in house doc, my mom, said that I was either faking it or just nervous. My stomach pains continued into college. Nearly every day of my life I was in pain or uncomfortable for part of the day. In college, I found out that I’m lactose intolerant!!! That’s all it was!! So, there I was eating oatmeal or cereal for breakfast with milk, feeling sick and being accused of faking it! Now, I don’t drink milk and my stomach hardly ever hurts!

In related news: I used to get a gassy stomach when I went on dates! Then I accused myself of creating it out of nervousness. Luckily I read in a magazine that fake sugar gives some people gas. I never drink pop, but I would chew sugarless gum when I went out. I stopped with the gum, the gas stopped. SOMETHING is making your stomach hurt. You can trust yourself.

One Response to “You can trust yourself”

  1. Egandopamine Says:

    Moving? Sounds like a big step. Are you going to move to another corner of the city, or do you live in the country? Or are you moving overseas?
    Or maybe….you are moving to Mars? Now there are many more possibilities.

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