Therapy & Coaching with Gifted & Creative Adults

October 23, 2005

Have you ever noticed my URL says “my refrigerator doot?” It’s a typo which turned into a joke from a URL that was meant to be: “My refrigerator door.” I originally thought of this blog as an electronic version of things I would stick on my refrigerator door. That’s how I’m using it today, so don’t mind me 🙂 As you can see, I’m stealing things directly from people’s websites. I hope that giving them credit keeps me ethical! Apparently not; here is another pilfered article set right.

From Gifted Adults by Lynne M. Azpeitia:

The Role of the Therapist & Coach with Gifted Adults

Gifted adults work best with therapists and coaches who collaborate with them. Collaborating is key because gifted adults are independent thinkers who maintain an internal locus of control and do not automatically adopt or rely on the opinions of authority figures for direction or instruction on what to do or how to do it.

While gifted adults may respect a therapist or coach’s ability and experience, they also respect their own. Any suggestion, solution or direction offered to them will be thoroughly considered on its own merits and if selected, customized to the gifted adult’s own situation. It is very important that the therapist or coach not take this personally if they are going to work with gifted adults.

(The colors are mine.) Check out the rest of the article at


3 Responses to “Therapy & Coaching with Gifted & Creative Adults”

  1. Catana Says:

    “I hope that giving them credit keeps me ethical!”

    Actually, it doesn’t. Unless you have permission from the author, copying an entire article is plagiarism. Fair use allows you to a reasonable number of quotes, but not copying the whole thing. The best thing to do is quote enough of the article to get readers interested, and include the URL for them to follow up. That way, you stay clean. Hope this helps.

    I just happened to come across your blog and saw this post. I don’t generally offer criticism on a stranger’s blog, but you seemed to be asking a question.

  2. Braidwood Says:

    Hi Catana,

    That was one of those questions that I was hoping no one would answer. 🙂 No, seriously, thank you for the feedback. I did feel a little bad about copying the whole thing. I will amend my two stolen posts. Do drop by again! 🙂

  3. Catana Says:

    I tried to comment a while ago and just thought it was blogger being annoying again. But you’ve changed the setting, so that might have been the hangup. Anyway, I’m always nervous when I offer information about copying material. Some people react really badly, but I should have known from the quality of yours posts that you’d take it the way it was meant.

    Little by little, I see gifted adults coming together on the web. I found both you and Overexcitable on Technorati, and I know if I take the time to dig deeper, I might find some more of us lurking in the underbrush.

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