Another Annoying Quiz Result

October 30, 2005

This is an interesting test. It says my mind and spirit are doing remarkably well considering my dismal social life. I think it was a pretty good quiz, except I think they used my small family against me, because I would rate my family life higher. The romantic love section is sadly accurate, even optimistic. The finance and body are also about right. I’m going to give my friends and family section a hardy 7, for lots of love with room for improvement, and up my overall score to a 7. (Come on finance and love!!)

Via: It’s all one thing.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 5.8
Mind: 7.3
Body: 5.9
Spirit: 8.6
Friends/Family: 4
Love: 2.1
Finance: 3.6
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2 Responses to “Another Annoying Quiz Result”

  1. Yak Says:

    I posted my test result too – my highest score was in love – I think since it was over 9, the survey asked me to post a little comment about why my score was so high – so I did – not sure if it’s published somewhere.

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