I’m Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories

November 9, 2005

I have this long project I’m working on. To help myself stay motivated, I do what Neil Fiore suggests in The Now Habit, and focus for 30 minutes and then take 10 minute breaks. It really works and I get a lot more done. This small break is brought to you by The Onion.

Now, if you have a half-baked theory that you’d like to disclose, please be so kind as to skirt around the issue. I’ll only listen to your elaborate webs of presumption and hearsay if you promise to veer unexpectedly and pointlessly off course at every opportunity. Prose density is part of what makes a half-baked theory fascinating.

Only last week, my friend Janet gave me a book that teaches how, through a diet of salmon and romaine lettuce, you can shave 20 years off your appearance. However, before we got to the hard-core salmon-and-lettuce, face-lifting theory, I was taken through a series of anecdotes, solicited testimonials, and long-winded circular logic proving the author’s qualifications by citing the medical establishment’s fear of his simple brilliance. It was an eye-opener.

3 Responses to “I’m Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Haha! I love that book description. It reminds me of some of the debunking Discovery channel shows my dad likes so much.

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