It’s taco salad all over again

December 9, 2005

I am an inventor. It’s just that so far I haven’t been a fast enough inventor. I invented taco salad as a young child. I vividly remember sitting in the cafeteria, my hard taco shell kept falling apart with lettuce and other taco innards falling. With a flash of insight, I put my taco on the plate and mashed it up. “Look!” I exclaimed, “I invented taco salad!” (You have to admit, that was a brilliant idea.) The girl accross from me said that she had eaten taco salad the week before. “That’s impossible,” I said with true incredulity, “I just invented it.”

Well, tonight I invented another in my long string of already invented items: a tag based calendar, like unto I figured that someone else already thought of it, they did, and they already built it too. Check out Eventful. Oh and there are other tag based calendars on the way. I’m sad about losing the possible fame and fortune, but I’m glad my idea turned out so well. 🙂


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