“So You’d Like to…go from poverty to prosperity.”

December 11, 2005

Well, here you are… You have tried everything that you know to get ahead, thrive, and build a future and it isn’t working. All you are now doing is surviving, check to check, moment by moment, emergency by emergency. It’s just not the way you want to live your life. You’re right, you can do better.

Thanks, Joel. You know why I like Amazon? All the reviews. That was a genius move on their part because that’s the reason I go there. I got to Joel’s list from the book How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously by Jerrold Mundis, which I am now going to go get at the library.

Update: I went and got the tape at the library and it is good so far, but he wants me to track all my spending. Damn! Why is awareness always the first step?


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