Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?

December 12, 2005

A quiz result, but hey, I haven’t posted one in a while.

What Christmas Carol are You?

You are ‘Silent Night’! You really enjoy Christmas, and you like your Christmases conventional. For you, Christmas is about family and traditions, and you rather enjoy the rituals of going to church at midnight and turning off the lights before flaming the plum pudding. Although you find Christmas shopping frustrating, you like the excitement of wrapping and hiding presents, and opening a single door on the Advent Calendar each day. You like the traditional carols, and probably teach the children to sing along to them. More than anyone else, you will probably actually have a merry Christmas.
Take this quiz!

Found via Ministrare who is getting in the spirit.

One Response to “Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?”

  1. Yak Says:

    I took the quiz – hmmm . . .
    I’m “Silent Night” too . .
    maybe we’re related?

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