Universal Salvation and the question of evil

January 19, 2006

At Pop Occulture there is a discussion about how Satan fits in to the idea of Universal Salvation. As an agnostic, discussions like this and other religious questions are like discussions about how Superman could turn back time. (Semi-interesting, but not applicable to reality.) However, this was a particularly intriguing view of Satan, so I’m passing it along.

We often hear that Jesus is seated at the “right hand” of God. Interestingly, in the American courtroom, the defense typically sits on the right hand side of the judge (from the judge’s perspective, that is). Anyway, the role of Satan as prosecuting attorney would be to point out every one of your faults and hold you as strictly to the letter of the law as possible. The role of Jesus as the Advocate, on the other hand, is to plead for mercy and compassion.

Check out the rest of the article here.


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