Me without Tivo

February 10, 2006

Me without Tivo means me watching wayyy too much T.V, but that is a post about functionality and human performance for another time.

Me watching wayy too much T.V. means my brain getting affected by the not too subliminal messages they are sending my way. I felt myself wanting to look a certain way tonight- even dye my hair. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but after living without thinking anything is wrong with me, I recognize the “I’ve got to fix myself” restlessness.

You can see the anti- “you’ve got to fix yourself” Dove commercial at Starling Fitness. Dove may be doing it for promotional reasons, but the Photo Exhibit is still pretty cool.

The foundation of the tour was the Dove Real Beauty Photo Exhibit, where nationally recognized female photographers were asked to share images that they felt defined real beauty.

Check it out. My guess is that you are beautiful too, or at least interesting and fun to look at. Seriously, if you take what you have and enjoy it, you can still revel in yourself, even if you are not what you originally dreamed. I’m keeping my hair.

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