This guy is hilarious. The turnstyle bit is my favorite. If you can’t understand him at first, give it a minute.


Laughing Jesus

October 20, 2006

I was looking up “laughing” on google images so I could send my co-worker an image of someone laughing as hard as his email made me laugh. Naturally, I got completely distracted and found:

I think it highly reccomends a religion when the icon is often pictured laughing. It made me think of the contrast with the Christian religion which often glorifies suffering. I pictured the sad and serious face of Jesus that I’ve always seen.

“You never see Jesus laughing,” I thought. Then, at the top of the next page, who should I find but Laughing Jesus!

It almost seems sacreligious….
Or maybe it’s a sign… 🙂

Found at Christian Centered Mall.

ME: Did you like having our silly time today? Did you like our walk?

HIM: I saw … walky … and … (Starts giggling.)

ME: You saw a walky?

HIM: I will crush you.

Ohh… very good. Go read the rest of it!

Found via Dooce.